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Top Gun Slot Review August 4, 2017

Rating 4/5

Top Gun slot is based on the 1986 incredibly cheesy, cult classic, Top Gun, featuring Maverick, played by the talented Tom Cruise. The slot features iconic characters of the movie as symbols-with no Maverick in sight but does offer some incredible bonus features with short film features (directly extracted from the film) between wins. The blue reels are set against an airborne, sky-lit backdrop, giving you a feeling of experiencing the sky, airborne, among the purple cotton clouds. If you are a fan of the cult classic, you will definitely enjoy this action-packed, fun and entertaining slot.


Playtech’s 5-reel, 243-payline slot features all your favourite characters from the movie including Iceman, Goose, Stinger, Charlie and Jester. Top Gun slot features the famous soundtrack from the popular film that fans fell in love with; you are able to experience the iconic sound between spins.

The playing card symbols include Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. Activating earnings, ranging from 5-25 coins are achieved by hitting 3 to 5 of a kind (either Jacks or Queens) on all 5 reels. The King and Ace symbol accumulate more earnings. Activating wins, ranging from 10-15 coins are achieved by the same method of spinning 3-5 of either Kings or Aces on all 5 reels.

The jacket and sunglasses symbol can earn winnings ranging from 15-100 coins. In order to earn big, you need to be able to score more combinations. The characters, Stinger and Jester are highly lucrative; hitting wins, ranging from 25-150 coins. Spinning 3-5 of either Goose or Iceman, earns you a sizeable amount of cash, with wins ranging from 50-500 coins. The Charlie symbol is the jackpot symbol, earning you a bonus of 1000 coins for a full combo. Activating three Charlie symbols on a payline enables a win of 100 coins and earning 4 Charlie symbols on a payline equates to a payout of 250 coins.


Overall, Playtech’s iconic creation is lucrative, with the Charlie symbol being the biggest payout symbol on the slot. Top Gun slot is a definite match to the popular movie and fans will not be disappointed as much of the movie’s features have been incorporated into the slot, with regard to the character symbols, soundtrack and visual effects. So, sit back, relax and enter the Top Gun universe.


Slot Software Provider:  Playtech

Released:  2015

Min/Max Bet: 0.25/1250

Reels/Paylines:  5 reels/ 243 paylines

Bonus Features: Yes

Jackpot: 1000

Return to Player (RTP):  94.9%


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Girls with Guns Jungle Heat Slot February 20, 2017

Rating 3/5

Ivy Valentine meets Lara Croft in Girls with the Guns Jungle Heat slot. This online slot is a perfect combination of sexy and badass with its abundance of provocatively-dressed, tough female soldiers, who wield guns of all kinds. Like all games that are found on Guts Casino, the story is non-existent, with the girls supposedly taking on God fatherly-and-beefcake-type men; however stereotypical the game may seem, it rarely falls short on action, featuring animated shorts between spins. The women are hot and definitely tough. Basically the slot is every man’s dream come true, if only it were real. Girls with Guns Jungle Heat slot is not solely for the male audience as women will also enjoy its theatrics and gameplay.


Microgaming comes up with this little package of hotness. Girls with Guns Jungle Heat is a 5-reel, over 200 ways to win slot. This slot allows you the opportunity of having 243 different ways of winning, allowing you to earn a sizeable amount of winnings. The slot features six incredibly sexy, combat ladies: Katherine, Kira, Alex, Zoe, Jess and Maria. The Katherine icon provides the biggest payouts, in comparison to the other females, depending on the number of combinations you have achieved.
Visually, the game is highly appealing with its stunning graphics and action-packed sound effects. The reels are set against a jungle background, adding to the authenticity of the slot. The only problem with this slot is that there are too many symbols to keep track of but luckily enough, there are free spins and wilds available to heighten your chances of winning.
There are two featured wild symbols that include the logo of the game and the group of girls. The bonus feature is activated after hitting three grenades in the shape of hearts on the reels. The bonus feature enables 15 free spins.
The RTP is extremely generous as you are able to earn high payouts due to the many features incorporated within the slot and the presence of the jackpot symbol, Katherine.


Girls with Guns Jungle Heat is fun, attractive and generous to its players, allowing you many opportunities to strike it lucky. The many symbols featured in the slot are a bit over the top but otherwise easy to deal with once you manage to stick to a good strategy. Besides the hot nature of the girls, the gameplay is interesting, lucrative and filled with action.


Slot Software Provider: Microgaming
Released: 2013
Min/Max Bet: 0.01/0.25
Reels/Paylines: 5 reels/ 243 paylines
Bonus Features: Yes
Jackpot: 8000
Return to Player (RTP): 96.5%

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Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn Slot January 10, 2017

Rating 4/5

Katherine, Kira, Alex, Zoe, Jess and Maria are back in this sequel to Girls with Guns Jungle Heat; except now they battle anonymous, equally sexy assassins in black, in an extremely cold climate, dressed in warmer gear but still revealing vestiges of cleavage. Microgaming’s Girls with Guns Jungle Heat was clearly a success either due to the high RTP or the hot girls, probably both, who knows? The wins are smaller than the prequel but frequent. There is definitely a difference in graphics and the girls appear iconic thanks to the last slot. This slot now contains 3 new features, making the slot more entertaining, challenging and adrenaline-packed. This slot still includes animated shorts between spins.


Kudos to Microgaming for this wintery, 5-reel, 243-payline slot, filled with Amazonians. This slot is very similar to the first one with the exception of a few newly added, exciting features. The reels are now set against a snowy, cold backdrop and the symbols are less convoluted, featuring six of the hot girls wielding guns of all kinds. The symbols are now more simplistic and subtly unique in comparison to the first slot.

Shootout Bonus

You can now use any one of the girls to shoot at symbols and choose one of the many targeted symbols to reveal prizes by activating the shootout bonus feature after a failed spin. One of the girls appears at the bottom of the reels, shooting at the selected symbols. You now have a combination of spinning, targeting and shooting, not many slots have this variety.

Frozen Wilds Free Spins

Frozen wilds enable 12 free spins. Once the frozen wilds free spins is activated, all ice symbols will remain stacked, enabling you 3 additional spins before disintegrating into nothing. Stacked frozen wilds in an entire reel will only disintegrate once the additional spins are over.

Magnetic Wilds Free Spins

Magnetic wilds enable 12 free spins. A reel disintegrates once occupied by 3 magnetic wilds.


Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn is extremely entertaining, titillating and challenging. There are mixed reviews about the shootout bonus, many gamers claim they have a lack of control over the feature and have to accept whatever prize they inherit. Other online gamers find this slot an improvement to its predecessor thanks to its graphics, soundtrack and new features. This slot features subtle hints of sexiness, whereas its predecessor, Girls with Guns I, appeared too bold in terms of its salaciousness.


Slot Software Provider:  Microgaming

Released:  2014

Min/Max Bet: 0.01/0.05

Reels/Paylines:  5 reels/ 243paylines

Bonus Features: Yes

Jackpot: 9000

Return to Player (RTP):  96-97%


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Machine Gun Unicorn Slot December 20, 2016

Rating 5/5

Should you wish to experience cutesy gore (a newly-formed genre, courtesy of Genesis Gaming) in the form of brain bashing and decapitation by a couple of ruthless ponies and a unicorn- I’d recommend trying out Machine Gun Unicorn slot. Genesis Gaming is responsible for this cutely-designed, demented little slot. The mesh of ponies and zombies, featuring a unicorn wielding a machine gun on its head in an online slot is deeply disturbing in the same sense of comparing apples to oranges or classifying bubble-gum on bread a ‘traditional snack.’ Somehow, the concepts of unicorns, ponies and zombies forming one idea come together like an invention. The graphics are adorable and yet the imagery of ponies beating the zombies’ brains in seems contradictory to the sweetness of the adorable ponies and unicorn that is not associated with violence in the slightest…until now that is. Discover a post-apocalyptic pony world filled with pony-eating zombies. Defend Pony land by beating the living daylights out of zombies with your weapon of choice, a good old baseball bat with the assistance of Machine Gun Unicorn.


Genesis Gaming comes up with this 5-reel, 10-payline slot. The concept and narrative is fresh, unique and intriguing. The reels are hazy-white, set against a utopian backdrop. The symbols are superbly designed and stick out against the reels like sore thumbs. The symbols feature ponies bearing hatchets, baseball bats and breathing fire as well as zombie heads in jars. The style in terms of graphics of this slot is strikingly similar to PopCap Games ’, Plants vs. Zombies. The soundtrack is adrenaline-pumping, sweet and in contrast to its gory visuals of blood and violence. The slot’s name is based on the amazingly designed, clear-blue-skin-coloured unicorn with a mane of golden hair, wielding a machine gun on its head; it’s the most noticeable character in the slot. The unicorn is the wild symbol in the slot and can replace all symbols in order to activate a winning combination. The symbol bombs feature is activated once machine gun unicorn lands on reel 3 and is able to target zombie heads in jars; you will be awarded a prize for every jar hit. Even once you hit ‘machine gun unicorn,’ and there are no zombie jars in sight, you will still be awarded a prize.


Machine Gun Unicorn is a masterful piece of art filled with intrigue and mesmerising concepts and graphics. The slot is aimed at effervescent young adults. Older people might prefer slots with mature concepts and may not necessarily gravitate toward Machine Gun Unicorn, although-you do get exceptions. The slot has a high RTP rate and is highly lucrative. When playing this slot, you are instantly transported to another, idealistic world.


Slot Software Provider:  Genesis Gaming

Released:  2015

Min/Max Bet: 0.01/25

Reels/Paylines:  5 reels/ 10 paylines

Bonus Features: No

Jackpot: 100

Return to Player (RTP):  97%

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Gunslinger Slot Review October 18, 2016

Rating 5/5

Get ready to be transported to the Wild West with Gunslinger. The slot is creatively designed and offers so many incredible features such as targeting and shooting, first person mode, traditional high noon shootoutsand a bounty hunt feature, allowing you the opportunity to pick any one of the three wanted posters to activate the feature. The design and concept with regard to the theme of the slot is in line with the the hit HBO television series, Westworld; it seems the Wild West is anavant-garde platform for TV and gaming today. The soundtrack creates an impression that you are at the classically-portrayed Wild West bar as you can hear distinct cheers and bar blather. The visuals, soundtrack and first person mode helps create another, idealistic world; you are immediately transported to this world of Gunslinger. This is one of the best slots we’ve ever played and can be found at most reputable online casinos, so what are you waiting for?!


Play ‘n GO is responsible for this stylistic and highly interactive, 5-reel, 25-payline slot. The cowboy symbol acts as a wild and replaces all symbols except for the bonus. 10 000 coins may be won once you have achieved 5 Cowboys (wilds) on a payline.

3 Bottles

Free spins are activated once you hit 3 Bottle symbols as the bonus. The number of spins is dependent on the bottle you are able to hit in first person mode; the targeted bottle breaks once hit and then reveals the number of spins that you are entitled to.

Turn the Card

The slot offers incredible mini-games that are most unusual for a slot game. Turn the Card is a bonus feature, activated by winning with playing cards. Turn the Card bonus activates a mini-game, where you have the opportunity of turning over 5 cards to reveal a reward. An accumulation of 5 symbols of the sheriff’s badges enables you to win the jackpot (this occurs during the mini-game).

Bounty Hunt

The Bounty Hunt feature is activated by landing 3 Wanted Posters on one payline. Once landing 3 wanted poster symbols, you then have to select any one of the three wanted posters. Having selected one of the posters, you are then transferred to a highly interactive mini-game, with similarities toRockstar GamesRed Dead Redemption, where you engage in a high noon shootout for a multiplier.  


Gunslinger is an incredibly amazing, interactive, fun and creative slot, offering you an out-of-this-world experience. Gunslinger has a high RTP rate that makes it easy to walk away with plenty in your pocket while having fun at the same time. The theme is not age-specific and unrestricted. Gunslinger is in-tune with today’s television and gaming world-it’s a world we all crave for.



Slot Software Provider:  Play ‘n GO

Released:  2012

Min/Max Bet: 1/5

Reels/Paylines:  5 reels/ 25 paylines

Bonus Features: Yes

Jackpot: Progressive Jackpot

Return to Player (RTP):  96%


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What is Bitcoin? October 20, 2014

bitcoin-is-it-a-future-currency-or-asset-bubbleHave you ever wished you had a way to pay for a purchase online without having to use your bank number or personal information? Would you like to run a business with less risk of insecure payments and fraud? You could look into using Bitcoin.

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Three Things You Need to Know Before Using Bitcoin October 16, 2014

bitcoinBitcoin is becoming the new and improved way to exchange money. This is money that is in digital form rather than the physical form although there are some things you need to know before diving into this new form of transaction. Bitcoin should be treated just like real money, because it is a real form of money. It is handled in a similar way to the physical cash in your wallet. Bitcoin is catching the attention of many because now, technology and money are becoming woven together at the seam, and you no longer have to use real, paper money for every purchase you make.

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First Internet Casino to Accept Bitcoins February 25, 2014

Ever just wanted to gamble without the hassle of going to Las Vegas or risk exposing your credit cards online? You can now have all the fun you want without the risk of having your wallet stolen or your bank account compromised as the online casino gives you a new payment option. Vera John has recently become the first regulated and licensed online casino to accept Bitcoins. Bitcoins allows you to make a secure money transfer online without the use of direct bank withdrawals or using your credit card. You can buy Bitcoins using Paypal if you wish, without risking your credit card. Bitcoins, when properly setup, can be private as well.

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