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Machine Gun Unicorn Slot December 20, 2016

Rating 5/5

Should you wish to experience cutesy gore (a newly-formed genre, courtesy of Genesis Gaming) in the form of brain bashing and decapitation by a couple of ruthless ponies and a unicorn- I’d recommend trying out Machine Gun Unicorn slot. Genesis Gaming is responsible for this cutely-designed, demented little slot. The mesh of ponies and zombies, featuring a unicorn wielding a machine gun on its head in an online slot is deeply disturbing in the same sense of comparing apples to oranges or classifying bubble-gum on bread a ‘traditional snack.’ Somehow, the concepts of unicorns, ponies and zombies forming one idea come together like an invention. The graphics are adorable and yet the imagery of ponies beating the zombies’ brains in seems contradictory to the sweetness of the adorable ponies and unicorn that is not associated with violence in the slightest…until now that is. Discover a post-apocalyptic pony world filled with pony-eating zombies. Defend Pony land by beating the living daylights out of zombies with your weapon of choice, a good old baseball bat with the assistance of Machine Gun Unicorn.


Genesis Gaming comes up with this 5-reel, 10-payline slot. The concept and narrative is fresh, unique and intriguing. The reels are hazy-white, set against a utopian backdrop. The symbols are superbly designed and stick out against the reels like sore thumbs. The symbols feature ponies bearing hatchets, baseball bats and breathing fire as well as zombie heads in jars. The style in terms of graphics of this slot is strikingly similar to PopCap Games ’, Plants vs. Zombies. The soundtrack is adrenaline-pumping, sweet and in contrast to its gory visuals of blood and violence. The slot’s name is based on the amazingly designed, clear-blue-skin-coloured unicorn with a mane of golden hair, wielding a machine gun on its head; it’s the most noticeable character in the slot. The unicorn is the wild symbol in the slot and can replace all symbols in order to activate a winning combination. The symbol bombs feature is activated once machine gun unicorn lands on reel 3 and is able to target zombie heads in jars; you will be awarded a prize for every jar hit. Even once you hit ‘machine gun unicorn,’ and there are no zombie jars in sight, you will still be awarded a prize.


Machine Gun Unicorn is a masterful piece of art filled with intrigue and mesmerising concepts and graphics. The slot is aimed at effervescent young adults. Older people might prefer slots with mature concepts and may not necessarily gravitate toward Machine Gun Unicorn, although-you do get exceptions. The slot has a high RTP rate and is highly lucrative. When playing this slot, you are instantly transported to another, idealistic world.


Slot Software Provider:  Genesis Gaming

Released:  2015

Min/Max Bet: 0.01/25

Reels/Paylines:  5 reels/ 10 paylines

Bonus Features: No

Jackpot: 100

Return to Player (RTP):  97%

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